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Enclosed Auto Transport Insurance:

When you ask for quote regarding enclosed auto transport from any transport provider to move or relocate your vehicle, it is simultaneously necessary to ascertain the limit of insurance coverage provided by that moving company.

 As you surrender your vehicle to the transport provider until it is finally unloaded onto its final destination, enclosed auto transport insurance helps you to claim any damage caused to the vehicle during transit.

Many reliable vehicle transport companies offer auto transport insurance against potential damages that may occur, while shipping your vehicle. Hence, it is advisable to stay informed about different rules governing the auto transport insurance. The information below offers you guidance on the many aspects of enclosed auto transport insurance.


Insurance Details:

Make sure to obtain the copy of your enclosed auto transport insurance policy for making future claims. Ensure complete paper work for all the promises and oral agreements that take place between you and the transport provider regarding the vehicle’s insurance to avoid any kinds of disputes in future. Check if the transport company assumes responsibility for the damages faced by your vehicle accidentally in transit.

 Enquire for details about deductibles and limits regarding the insurance you take for enclosed auto transport. Check the limit of coverage, especially if the market value of your vehicle is more than the book value.

 After learning about the exact details of the insurance, you may prefer having a temporary cover for the vehicle. Next, depending on the type of car you possess, the cover may vary slightly.


Things to bear in mind regarding enclosed auto transport insurance:

Always ask for insurance certificate from the moving company, which gives a clear picture of its legal status. You may ask the company open-ended questions regarding its policies. Ask if your car is fully eligible for coverage against damage caused, while shipping, as certain transport insurances cover only a few parts of the body and not the entire vehicle, so it is good confirm this well beforehand.

Never fall for false claims. Before you surrender the keys of your vehicle, empty it of all the personal belongings. This is because the transport company you choose might not cover personal objects, even if they suffer damage. If objects inside the vehicle move around, they may damage the exhaust system of your vehicle too. Your enclosed auto transport insurance might simply be devoid of such coverage.

When you leave your vehicle at the transport company, representative or truck driver of the company checks the vehicle for determining any already existing damage. Be present there to witness this and best is to take some snapshots of the car before it is about to move. This will serve as active evidence, while settling any future claims regarding the enclosed auto transport insurance.


Insurance for enclosed auto transport is best to take for your vehicle. Always make sure the transport company you choose for your vehicle’s relocation operates on legal grounds. This is particularly necessary, while insuring the car against loss due to theft or any other accidental damage.

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