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Let us face it - relocation is an experience which does not come very cheap. Self moving though is an option which can cut down on relocation costs. One point you have to keep in mind is that even when you choose self moving as a viable option, it does not mean that you have to sacrifice on quality. Self moving can also be a memorable experience provided you plan in advance. There are several other aspects to self moving, which can also ensure that you have a relocation plan in place which is most ‘affordable’. Here are some tips to make your relocation most cost-effective as you plan to go for self moving:

  • Truck rental is an essential part of self moving. While you do your research to locate the best truck rental company which suits your needs, there are some things you have to keep in mind. For instance, look at the past business track record of the truck rental company. See how they have handled past customer complaints, if any. Contact Better Business Bureau to check their credentials.
  • Check with the truck rental company whether they have trucks, vans or which ever type of vehicle that you are keen on in the correct size. Many truck rental companies may advertise aggressively but they work with limited number of vehicles and they may pressurize you to choose whatever is available.
  • To ensure availability of truck on the scheduled date, make sure that you book your truck way in advance. Remember the peak seasons start from end May and lasts till end September. So if you plan your trip which does not fall during this period, you might avail of some attractive discounts. Even if they do not mention such discounts, you have to ask for it.
  • The other times when truck rentals get expensive is during week ends, beginning and end of month. Make your relocation trip on weekdays and get discounted rates.
  • When it comes to the size of the truck you wish to hire, you may not know the details. The best source of such information is the truck rental agency. Consult their size guide. Tell them the number of bedrooms you have and they usually have a standard size for accommodating your goods in the right truck. It is always wise to hire a truck which is slightly bigger than smaller, as any last minute additions can throw your entire relocation plan off gear, as you run again to get a larger truck.
  • Before hiring the truck, physically visit the company and check out the vehicle which they are offering you. Familiarize yourself with the technicalities of the vehicle as much as possible.
  • Most truck rental agencies charge two-way fare though you are using it only for one-way. There are these days specialized one-way truck rental companies but you have to do adequate research before you can find them.
  • Fuel costs and mileage costs are points which you have to check with the company thoroughly. Though mileage costs are included in the rentals, all extra mileage would have to be paid extra. This have to be clarified with the agency and you must get a good idea what kind of extra mileage costs you might incur.