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Self Moving Services: Great way to save money   

Self Service Moving

The best self movers provide new and well maintained trucks that are comfortable and easy to drive. You can save money by driving a self moving truck to the destination yourself, but you will have to be prepared to spend on gas, tolls, hotels, food, and extra insurance.

Do it your self moving involves a lot of hard work, and you may have to ask your family and friends to help you. Think about whether you can spare the time and can handle all that heavy lifting. Driving a big truck is very different from driving a car and it takes time to get used to it.

Look for professional self moving truck companies that have their own fleet of trucks. Self moving rental trucks with power steering, power brakes, air bags, air conditioning, and stereo can keep you safe, comfortable, and entertained while you are on the way.

If you don't like the idea of driving a truck a long way, you can get a self service moving company to do the driving for you. You can pack your possessions in one or more crates or a trailer that the self service movers will drop at your home.

The self service moving company will collect the crate or trailer after you have packed, and deliver it at your new home where you can unpack.

Obtain moving estimates in writing from at least three self moving companies, and call up references to verify their past performance. Make sure that the self moving truck rental services are licensed and insured.

Look for self moving truck rentals companies that have clear and simple rates, without any hidden charges or conditions.



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Self Service Moving - Advantages and Disadvantages

Self Service moving is an inexpensive method of moving goods. It has become a popular method in recent years and falls between do-it-yourself and full service move category.

Two types of self service moves exist. The first type uses a commercial trailer, which moves from your present residence to the new residence. The second type uses special containers. You pack the items in these containers, and these containers are then lifted from the old residence and brought to the new residence.

In self service moving, you are responsible for the loading and packing tasks. You will have to purchase your packing and moving supplies and handle on your own. Sometimesou may hire labor services to do the job. This is a cost effective method to minimize the workload, while moving.


The most important reason people prefer self service moving is to save money. With self service moving, you are responsible for truck unloading and loading. You do not pay for labor charges and materials. Similarly, the costs may differ and you may need to look at full service option before choosing self service moving.

You may feel uncomfortable driving a huge truck in the highways covering long distances.  As moving trucks may carry cargos that are very heavy, and you will have to maintain a balance speed, while driving throughout the journey, which may stretch to several days or even weeks. If you possess various household items, you will find it very difficult to drive the bigger vehicle.

The major advantage of self serving option over the do-it yourself moving option is you are not responsible for the transportation of household goods. This process is carried out with the help of a licensed and professional driver and commercial vehicles. Self service options are generally available while moving around state lines. Because, majority of companies, who provide these types of services are registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT), that direct or watch interstate moves. Once the goods reach the new location, you will again be responsible for unpacking boxes and unloading of goods from the trucks.



Self service requires a great amount of time, especially for packing. Some of the items require special care, while packing. It also involves danger of damage, while traveling long distances, if accurate packing process is not followed.

Invest time and check the value of the items to be carried before taking a decision of self service moving

If this method of moving does not suit your needs, you can also look into full service shipping